Hydroponic Farming

October 19, 2013 11:09 am

The economy of Pakistan primarily depends upon agriculture and its two third inhabitants are associated directly or indirectly with it. The population of the country is currently 187 million and this number is anticipated to increase three folds by 2050.

Pakistan is facing many problems and one of the key challenges is that it has to raise food production to feed its rapidly growing population. In case, the government fails to provide food security to its people in the coming time, it will face serious problems including hunger and food scarcity, which will result in brutal social evils that will destroy the peace of the country.

In order to avoid these problems, we have to adopt such technologies which can give us high yield. Hydroponic farming is one of the efficient techniques of producing fresh fruits and vegetables in countries with increasing population. It is a way of growing plants in water and mineral nutrient solutions without soil.

Farmers can produce vegetables per acre in the range of 450 tons to 550 tons with the help of hydroponic technology, as compared to just 15 tons per acre by using traditional farming methods.

Fertile soil is not required in this method as some of the large hydroponic farms around the world are located in barren areas. In hydroponic technology, seeds are placed in a solid or liquid growing medium in trays. The real advantage of this system is that plants absorb almost all the nutrients injected into the growing medium, which increases the productivity many-folds.

In hydroponic farming, the water remains in the system and can be used again, therefore we don’t need much water. There is less attack of pests and diseases and incase there is any disorder; it can be easily controlled due to the mobility of the container. Harvesting is easier and there is healthy plant growth.

It is the need of the time that we should promote hydroponic farming system in our country as it is the most effective way of getting high production from small area. Government needs to focus this area to ensure food security for its people.

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