Best UK Scholarships For Pakistani Students in 2023-2024

Studying in the UK is the dream of every Pakistani student. A prestigious institute and ethical environment there is the thing that makes it one of the best destinations for students. On the other hand, higher education in UK universities can be expensive for Pakistanis. However, there are several UK Scholarships for Pakistani students in 2023/2024.

While some universities offer private funds to pursue higher education. These financial aid funds are available for every Pakistani student in any field. In this blog, we will provide complete details on the UK University list that is offering scholarships for Pakistanis.

List of UK Scholarships for Pakistani Students

These scholarships offer you an economical way to pursue your education in the UK. The UK government is offering various fully funded scholarships for Pakistani students. It covers tuition fees and living costs. Also, makes the visa process easy.

Here are the complete details of each scholarship and how to apply for them.

1: The Commonwealth scholarship

This is an international program that offers scholarships to commonwealth countries. Pakistan is also among the commonwealth countries. Through this program, Pakistani students can study in the host country, UK. Among all, it is one of the best scholarships for Pakistani students. It invites students who are low or mid-income and cannot afford to study abroad. Moreover, it offers a great chance to study at the UK’s top universities. Students can also develop other educational skills at the UK’s top Universities.


The scholarship focuses on students’ capabilities who want growth in higher education. And they direly need financial aid to pursue their career. Overall,it is a fully funded scholarship that can cover tuition fees, air tickets, and living expenses. The award covers all types of allowances. Nearly 80 CW scholarships are available for postgraduates and doctorate levels. The duration of this fund is one year for postgraduates. Similarly, it offers funds for three years for a doctorate degree.

Application Procedure

Pakistani students need to apply through HEC. The Higher Education Commission will forward your application. HEC online application forms are available on the website. You should regularly check the Commonwealth website and the HEC website. Candidates should have IELTS, for this, you should apply for IELTS British Council.

2. Chevening Scholarship

Chevening Scholarship is a great initiative by the UK government for Pakistan. After the Commonwealth scholarship, it is also one of the best UK scholarships for Pakistani students. The UK government is providing this opportunity to Pakistani students. With this, they can pursue their education in the UK’s best institutes. Studying in the UK’s universities helps students to become leaders in their professional life. It also enables the students to show their excellent skills on return to their home country. Pakistani students having brilliant academic careers can apply for this scholarship. To win this scholarship you should have a good score in the IELTS British Council.


Collectively, it is a fully funded scholarship for Pakistani students. These are the full scholarships offered by the UK’s Foreign Office. It pays tuition fees, living costs, and travel expenses in the UK. Also, you can study in any field. With the help of this scholarship, you can study at the Graduate, undergraduate, or doctorate level.

Application Process

Application forms are available online. The authority accepts the application forms once a year. Usually, they will be available at the start of November every year. Students should check the British Council’s website. Or call the British Council’s toll-free number for more information.

3. Great Cambridge Scholarship

Pursue your studies with the Great Cambridge scholarship in the UK. Generally, it is a type of fully funded scholarship for students. The scholarship is for Masters and Ph.D. levels. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation founded this scholarship in 2000. The foundation offered this donation to the University of Cambridge. It was one of the biggest donations in the UK’s history. Now, it is available for international students including Pakistani students.


The Great Cambridge Scholarship provides educational benefits as well as living benefits. It can cover tuition fees, traveling, and living costs. Recipients can also receive free medical or maternity funds in the UK. The university will also help with visa processing. Plus, the government will also give additional grants or allowances to high achievers.

Application Procedure

Applicants should visit Cambridge University’s official website. Create an account and fill in your personal details. Upload your documents or resume. The university will email you if you get selected.

UK University List Offering Scholarships for Pakistani Students

After reading about the Best UK scholarships for Pakistani students, you should know the UK University lists. Besides the UK government, some universities are offering UK scholarships for Pakistanis. Here are some popular universities that are offering scholarships.

University Of Oxford

The University of Oxford is a leading university in the UK. Since its foundation, the university has been serving national and international students in many ways. One of the best opportunities provided by this institute is scholarship. The oxford-weidenfeld and Hoffmann scholarship is a great program. With the collaboration of the Weidenfeld and Hoffmann Foundation, Oxford University is offering UK scholarships for Pakistani students.

Through this initiative, Pakistani students could pursue their postgraduate studies at Oxford University. This significant scholarship covers all the expenses of students in the UK. From visa fees to living costs, the program will cover all the expenses. During their study, the students can also get various development opportunities. That will benefit them in getting the best employment.

University of Manchester

If you want to pursue a Postgraduate degree, then the University of Manchester is another option. The University of Manchester offers a variety of scholarships for Pakistani students. It offers 40 merit-based scholarships. The University of Manchester is offering various UK scholarships for Pakistani students. One of these scholarships is the Great Scholars Scholarship. This indigenous scholarship covers the full tuition fees of the university. Above all, it provides a handsome stipend to overcome living expenses.

Students having academic excellence are eligible for this scholarship. Students having potential leadership qualities can also win this scholarship. In brief, the University of Manchester offers a great opportunity to study abroad for Pakistani students.

Brunel University London

Brunel University London offers scholarships to international students. As well as scholarships, it also offers scholarships for Pakistani students. They can avail of these scholarships at all study levels. Brunel University is offering postgraduate Academic excellence scholarships. It can help you to start your Master’s and postgraduate qualification in the UK.

Almost all fields of study are available at the university to which you can apply. This UK scholarship for Pakistani students works best. The scholarship will be awarded based on educational merit and professional experience. Brunel University will start accepting applications in September 2023. So, don’t forget to apply for this prestigious scholarship.


A prestigious degree from the UK is more valuable in Pakistan. It can elevate your educational background and your employment opportunities. Now you have a complete list of the best UK scholarships for Pakistani students. To apply for a scholarship, you also have a UK university list. Catch this high time to make your future. For further information, you should visit the UK Government’s website or university websites. Scholars can also approach the IELTS British Council for study visa processing. Don’t forget to apply for these amazing scholarships. And turn your dreams into reality.

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