Great Dalda foundation scholarship in Pakistan 2023

Current inflation in Pakistan puts a lot of burden on students and their families. The cost of institutes also increased thus creating more financial instability. In these situations pursuing education has become more challenging. There are various scholarships for Pakistani students, who want to fund their education. One of the best scholarships is the Dalda foundation scholarship.

The Dalda scholarship is a brilliant chance for deserving students. With this scholarship, you can fund your education without worrying about rising fees. Below is a complete detail of this prestigious scholarship. Read this article till the end and explore this life-changing opportunity.

About the Dalda Foundation Scholarship

Dalda Foundation is a private organization in Pakistan. Besides supplying food items, it is also serving the nation by offering scholarships. The foundation aims to help needy students of Pakistan. The main purpose of this program is to support deserving students. So that they can showcase their abilities in higher education.

The dalda foundation scholarship is open for intermediate programme. Matric students after passing the matriculation exams can also apply. However, the dalda scholarship is also available for undergraduate and school levels. students from all backgrounds and cultures are encouraged to apply.

Dalda Scholarship in 2023-24

The dalda scholarship is a wonderful opportunity for Pakistani students. The scholarship is open each year for needy students. For intermediate students, it is available once a year. The foundation is inviting applications from matric and FSc students.

Everyone can forward the application. Moreover, students studying any private or government institutes can apply. In addition to this, the dalda foundation scholarship requires a written test for final evaluation. In the following headings, we will discuss the complete details of its worth, and application process.

Benefits of winning dala Scholarships in 2023

Are you planning to apply for a dalda scholarship? First, read this section, and discover the potential benefits of this scholarship. Several potential benefits are listed below. Check them out!

Financial aid

One of the great benefits of the dalda foundation scholarship is to provide financial aid. The scheme helps the Poor students who cannot afford the education due to financial issues.

Covers Tuition Fees

The dalda scholarship covers tuition fees of any college or higher secondary school. The foundation continues to help if a student maintains good results throughout the course.

Encourage students

The main focus of this program is to encourage intelligent students. This scholarship provides opportunities to aspiring students. Additionally, it helps them to continue their education without any hurdle.

Endless opportunities

The winner of this scholarship can get endless opportunities in education. It helps in getting admission in world-class institutes. Thus, the young generation can establish a bright future in Pakistan.

General Requirements

Dalda scholarship is a prominent scholarship for Pakistani students. Each year, thousands of students apply for it. By fulfilling some general requirements, you can also win it.

Here are some general requirements for the dalda foundation scholarship. Scholars must consider them before applying. Otherwise, their application will be rejected.



Eligible Region:



30 October 2023

Documents required

  • Matriculation result card
  • National Identity Card or Birth certificate of student
  • Parents/Guardian’s income salary slip
  • Or any other income proof.
  • Permanent residential address

Eligibility Requirements of Dalda Scholarship 2023

Dalda Foundation scholarship is a financial-based scholarship in Pakistan. Nowadays, the foundation is inviting applications for the year 2023. They are accepting applications from all students who want to apply for college degrees, particularly, for Fsc, FA, or Ics. Students must have 70% marks in the matric board exams in 2023.

There are some other eligibility requirements. Before forwarding the application, you should check them out.

  • Parents’ income must be less than 20,000.
  • Applicants should pass the matric exams after 2018.
  • Students passing the matric exams with the O-level system are also eligible for dalda scholarship.
  • Candidates must have 70% marks or first division in matric exams.
  • Candidates should have a maximum age limit of up to 17 years.
  • BISE Punjab and BISE Sindh students, both are eligible for dalda scholarship 2023.
  • All government and private school students can apply for this scholarship.

Marks Requirement for Each degree

Some mark requirements are different for different subjects. However, most of the subjects require a maximum of 70% marks in the previous examination. For better understanding, we enlist the marks details. Scroll down to read the marks requirements for each degree.

For FSC (Premedical)

  • 80% or above

For FSC( Pre Engineering)

  • 80% or above


  • 70% or above

For Art’s or Home Economics

  • 70% or above


  • 70% or above

For Commerce

  • 70% or above.

For general science

  • 70% or above

Website for online application

For online application, click on this link.

Once you get registration, you can fill out the application form. Below we will discuss the application process in detail.

The application process for the Dalda foundation scholarship in 2023

Filling out the dalda scholarship form is easy. Because the whole form is available in Urdu. The application form is available online on the Dalda Foundation website. To avoid errors, You can also fill it manually.

Before filling out the form, it is mandatory to have some knowledge. The application form also has several instructions. Make sure that you have read all the instructions. While filling out the form online, keep in mind these guidelines.

Guidelines for Online Application

  1. Fill out the dalda foundation scholarship form with accurate educational details.
  2. Provide correct personal information. For example, write your permanent residential or postal address.
  3. Add an active mobile or landline number.
  4. Write the professional and income details of your family.
  5. In the reference section, provide the reference of your teacher.
  6. Fill out the affidavit form on the dalda scholarship application form.
  7. Select the test center carefully. Choose it carefully, because once you choose you can not change it.
  8. Choose the nearest test center for written tests.
  9. Attach the relevant documents to ensure your eligibility.
  10. Review the application form before pressing the submit button.

Last Date to apply for Dalda Scholarship 2023

Dalda foundation scholarship is a life-changing opportunity for poor students. The company is awarding it to talented and deserving students. The company has the authority to extend the last date for submitting the application forms. Similarly, the authority also has a right to hold the dalda scholarship for the eligible students. All the eligible candidates should submit the application forms before 30 October 2023. Don’t delay, because the last date is approaching soon. Gather your documents and start applying as soon as possible.

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