Free MBBS In Italy For Pakistani Students-Best Opportunity

MBBS is one of the great professions. The profession is successful not only in Pakistan but all over the world. Unfortunately, due to high merit thousands of Pakistani students cannot get admission. That’s why they apply to study MBBS in countries abroad. Like other countries, Studying MBBS in Italy is also a great destination. In this article, we will discuss all the aspects of studying MBBS in Italy for Pakistani students.

Italy-A best European country

Italy is one of the European countries that holds the oldest history in the world. Due to its rich culture, it has become one of the great destinations for tourism. Similarly, having the world’s best universities, Italy is one of the best countries Educationally.

The country holds some of the world’s best universities. One of the best universities is Bologna. This university has been serving students around the world for thousands of years. It offers various programs including MBBS in Italy for Pakistani students. The Italian educational system also has its value in the world. Overall, Italy is a great attraction for the tourists and students.

Studying MBBS in Italy For Pakistani Students is good or not?

Every year, Pakistani students dream of making a career in MBBS. High merit and increasing self-finance fees are hurdles for a lot of students. Various students search for the low merit medical colleges in Pakistan. Some search for foreign countries to study MBBS.

Studying MBBS in Italy for Pakistani students has many perks. One of the best points is that Italy offers Pakistani students the cheapest MBBS. In other words, Medical education in Italy is free for Pakistanis. Some other benefits are mentioned below.

Benefits Of Studying MBBS In Italy For Pakistani Students

  • No registration Fee

Almost all European universities charge some registration or contribution fee. On the other hand, various Italian universities do not charge any registration fee. Sometimes, they charge a minimum amount in the name of a registration fee.

  • Scholarships

Another plus point is that Italian universities offer scholarships for Pakistani students. A plethora of scholarships are available for various degrees. These scholarships are provided by the Italian government, institutes, or private organizations. Such scholarships ease the study of MBBS in Italy for Pakistani students.

  • Minimum Requirements

There is a minimum Application requirement for Pakistani students in Italy. Other European countries require having level transcripts. Unlike other European countries, Italy does demand that to study MBBS in Italy for Pakistani students.

  • Quality Education

Italian universities offer quality education for MBBS degrees as that of other European countries. For MBBS, Italy offers a six-year course, similar to other European countries. On average, the whole course modules are similar to UK, US, Or Canadian MBBS degrees.

  • No language Test

For German, the study visa requires you to pass the German language test. However, there is no such case in Italy. Pakistani students are not required to pass the Italian language test.

  • Recognized qualification

Pakistani education is recognized only in a few European countries. Italy is also one of them. For admission in Italy, Pakistani FSc qualification is recognized. In this way, one can easily access MBBS in Italy for Pakistani students.

IELTS To study MBBS in Italy

Although there are a lot of benefits to studying MBBs in Italy. Besides these benefits, there is still a strict requirement for IELTS. Therefore, students must have at least 6 bands in IELTS for MBBS.

In addition to this, students should also pass the university entrance test. Students should pass these tests before getting admission. Without these tests, you cannot get admission to any Italian medical college.

Total Cost Of MBBS In Italy

Pursuing an MBBS in Italy does not cost as much as compared to other European countries. Despite the cheapest medical education, the cost can vary depending on several factors. The cost depends on the universities, location, and lifestyle.

On average, the cost to study MBBS in Italy for Pakistani students is EUR 4000 per year. In some cases, it may range from EUR 700-5000. Medical students should budget for university, accommodation, and living costs.

Eligibility Requirements to Study MBBS in Italy as a Pakistani Student

As discussed earlier, the Pakistani FSc is recognized in Italy. To be eligible for MBBS in Italy, you should have FSC. To apply for MBBS, FSC with Premedical is necessary. Additionally, some universities also require proficiency in English or Italian. Because the whole MBBS course is taught in English. Each university may have its eligibility criteria. Universities also require admission tests. So, it’s important to check all the eligibility requirements of Italian universities.

Final Words

MBBS In Italy for Pakistani students opens the doors to a successful career. With a lot of opportunities in Italy, their dream of becoming a doctor is more attainable. Furthermore, the country does not require any additional requirements for an MBBS degree. So let’s turn your dream into a reality and apply for MBBS in Italy.

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