Latest JACOBS University Scholarship 2024 | Complete Guide

Are you looking to get a higher education in Germany? One of the best ways to pursue education in Germany is scholarship. Fortunately, the Jacobs University Scholarship is open for foreign students. Successful candidates will receive up to € 12,000 per year. Other benefits are also included in this award. This guide will cover the application process and other aspects of this program. So, stay on this page to get all the details.

About Jacobs University

Jacobs University Bremen is one of the best universities in Germany. The university consistently ranked high in the international rankings. Each year, students from almost 110 countries get admission here. These students can get an education at graduation, Master’s, and higher levels.

The institution offers the world’s best education in all subjects regardless of nationality and region. In this way, it prepares young and brilliant graduates who can shape their future. Not only this, it prepares its graduates with ever-demanding skills. Jacobs University accomplishes all of these through rigorous monitoring and strict academic activities.

Jacobs University Scholarship Program

This German university is welcoming students through a Jacobs University scholarship. International students including Pakistanis can also get this opportunity. This year, the university is offering a scholarship for a Master’s degree. This scholarship recognizes aspiring students who want to achieve educational goals.

In a broader sense, the Jacobs University Scholarship is merit-based. The scholarship covers the full tuition fee. In addition to this, it also covers the additional living expenses. Only the selected candidates can get this award. Therefore, you must learn the application process and eligibility requirements.

Scholarship Coverage

This prestigious scholarship is available in a range of fields. These fields are humanities, engineering, and natural sciences. Only Two programs are eligible for postgraduate scholarships. These programs include a Master’s in Data Engineering and supply chain management. Candidates of these programs are eligible for the postgraduate Jacobs University scholarship.

Scholarship Benefits

  • Applicants of one program will be automatically considered for the scholarship.
  • Covers the full or some percentage of tuition fee.
  • European students can get a minimum of € 4.000 per academic year.
  • Maximum scholarship amount of 12,000€ for all nations.
  • It may provide financial support by covering the in-campus or off-campus accommodation costs.
  • Some Jacobs University scholarships offer a stipend to cover the daily expenses.
  • Provide material for research or study including stationery and textbooks.
  • In some cases, Jacobs University scholarship also covers travel expenses.
  • Helps to ensure the student’s health by providing health insurance.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the Jacobs University Scholarship, you must have academic excellence. To learn more, read the below Eligibility requirements.

Eligible Countries: All countries are eligible for this program.

Eligible Nations: People of all Nations are eligible.

Acceptable language: English

Courses or subjects: The acceptable courses are two years master’s degree program in these subjects

  • MSC in Data Engineering
  • MSC in Data Science for Society and Business.
  • MSC in supply chain management.

You must be applying in any of these subjects.

Necessary Documents

Before applying for the Jacobs scholarship, candidates must prepare the following documents. The list of required documents is also available on the official website. You can check them on the application information page.

  • Bachelor’s degree certificate
  • A CV that describes the student’s academic achievements.
  • Student’s Bachelor’s transcript in English.
  • English language Proficiency test.
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • Letter of motivation that describes why a student is choosing this program.
  • English summary consisting of 1000 words. The summary describes the student’s bachelor’s thesis work.

English Language Proficiency Test

An English language proficiency test is a must for this German scholarship. TOEFL is required with a minimum score of 90 and a 6.5 for IELTS.

Application Process For 2024-2025

Applications for all Master’s degree programs are submitted through an online portal. Follow these steps for the Jacobs University Scholarship application.

  1. Open the website and create your account on this page.
  2. Fill out the application by providing your academic and basic information.
  3. Attach the required documents to the application form.
  4. The application may require you to submit the following documents.
    • Letter of motivation.
    • Recent CV
    • 2 letters of recommendation.
    • Bachelor’s degree transcript in English
    • English language professiancy test with good score.


For more information on the Jacobs University Scholarship, click here.

Final Words

Jacobs University Germany has a strong focus on international rankings. Particularly, it has a strong base in social sciences rankings. On the master’s level, it offers its students Jacobs University scholarship to study in an area of their choice. At the same time, it provides a platform to analyze the different research programs. Thus, students have an excellent opportunity to pursue their studies. Don’t let this opportunity to study at one of Europe’s top universities.

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