Top 10 Low Merit Medical Colleges in Pakistan

Getting admission to a medical college is a dream of every premedical student. The first step is to clear the entry test (MCAT). The second step is to make a merit and get admission. Due to higher closing merit, Lakhs of students fail to get admissions. The good news is that private medical colleges offer admission to these students. So low merit students can also fulfill their dreams. In this article, we will cover the low merit medical colleges in Pakistan.

Low merit Medical Colleges in Pakistan

In Pakistan, more than 80,000 students appear in the MCAT exam every year. On average there are only 10,000 MBBS seats in the public sector. Students having 90% or above MCAT score can get admission easily. The remaining students search for private medical colleges in Pakistan.

People who can afford the fees of private colleges should apply there. The fee structure of these colleges is higher than the government sector. However, they can make your career even at low merit. Some of the medical colleges offer low merit for MBBS and BDS.

Why students prefer Low merit medical colleges

Low-merit medical colleges in Pakistan have always been the preference of everyone. The main reason is their low closing merit. In these colleges, students with 70% marks can also secure their MBBS seat. Moreover, they offer maximum seats for MBBS. So that students with less merit can also take admissions in MBBS or BDS.

Low-merit medical colleges in Pakistan are located in every province. Here is the list of the low merit medical colleges in Pakistan. All of these colleges have the lowest closing merit list. You can get admission even if you have the lowest marks in MCAT & FSC results in 2023.

   1 . Independent Medical College Faisalabad

Independent Medical College is serving the nation in Faisalabad. The college is one of the few low merit medical colleges in Pakistan. Also, it is affiliated with UHS Lahore and recognized by PMDC. The college delivers quality education in all medical subjects.

It allocates almost 100 seats annually for MBBS. The college invites applications at the end of the year. Usually, it opens admissions in December or January.

closing merit of independent medical college Faisalabad in 2023: 77.44%.

   2 . Islam Medical College Sialkot

IMC is also among the low merit medical colleges in Pakistan. It is a private college located in Sialkot. Like others, it is also affiliated with UHC. The college is also known to provide the best medical and dental education in Punjab.

For admission, students must pass the entrance test by UHS. After the entrance test result, you will be able to get admission. The merit of IMC is also low for MBBS and BDS programs. In previous years, there was merit for MBBS admissions. Thus students having low aggregate can get admission here.

Closing merit for Islam Medical College Sialkot in 2023: 72.2%

   3 . Hamdard college of medicine and dentistry Karachi

Various medical colleges in Sindh are known as low merit medical colleges. HCMD is also one of them. The institute is located at the main campus of Hamdard University. All the medical programs including MBBS are open.

Every year, HCMD invites students to get admission to MBBS and other medical programs. Its merit is also low compared to other colleges.

Closing merit of Hamdard Medical College Karachi in 2023: 70.0 %

  4 . Muhammad Medical College Mir pir Khas

MMC is also one of the oldest medical colleges in Pakistan. This medical college opens admissions for all candidates who have low marks. Additionally, the college offers admission as per the policy of PMDC. Besides MBBS, MMC also offers different programs in medicine.

Candidates having low marks in the MCAT can apply there. The fee structure of this medical college is also very affordable. Apply soon for the next batch, if you are eligible.

Closing merit of MMC Mirpur Khas in 2023: 69.9%

   5 . Al Nafees Medical College Islamabad

AMC is a newly established medical college in Islamabad. It was founded by Isra University. Currently, the university is inviting applications for al Nafees medical college admission 2023. In addition to this, its fee structure is also affordable for MBBS programs.

Being a new college, a lot of students need to learn about its merit. It’s quite possible that it could be one of the low merit medical colleges in Pakistan. Grab this golden opportunity and get admission to AMC.

Closing merit of Al Nafees Medical College Islamabad in 2023: 70.0%

   6 . Sahara Medical College Narowal

Sahara Medical College is also one of the leading medical colleges in Pakistan. With a professional staff, it offers excellent education for MBBS students. When talking about its merit, it also exhibits MBBS’s low merit each year.

Above all, SMC’s fee structure for MBBS programs is also low. Aspiring students can get admission and make a positive impact in Pakistan.

Closing merit of Sahara Medical College Narowal: 74.9%

   7 . Shahida Islam Medical College Lodhran

SIMC is one of the best low merit colleges in Pakistan. Especially for the students of south Punjab. They can get admissions on low merit. With world-class infrastructure, the college offers quality medical education in Pakistan.

Shahida Islam Medical College offers admissions in MBBS, BDS, and Nursing. SIMC is also recognized by PMDC and PNC. Further details on fee structure and admissions are available on the website.

The closing merit of Shahida Islam Medical College in 2023: 76%

    8 . Amna Inayat Medical College Sheikhupura

We also added AIMC to the list of low merit medical colleges in Pakistan. Despite its low merit, the college still offers quality medical education. Its mainprogrames include MBBS. AIMC is affiliated with the UHS Lahore and PMDC.

Amna Inayat Medical College is also linked with the hospital. Its hospital is equipped with advanced facilities. Moreover, the college has qualified medical teaching staff. Therefore the colleges provide the best medical education to those in need.

Closing merit of Amna Inayat Medical College Sheikhupura: 74%

   9 . Women Medical And Dental College Abbottabad

If you are looking for low merit medical colleges in Pakistan, add this to your list. WMDC is one of the finest colleges for medical education. This institute is located in a very peaceful city in Pakistan.

WMDC’s admission criteria are also the same as other private colleges. Admission seekers can get admission after passing the MCAT exam. This best medical college also offers a reasonable fee structure. Its annual fee is approximately 10 lac.

Closing merit of Women Medical and Dental College Abbottabad: 80.6%

    10 . Indus Medical College Tando Muhammad Khan

Indus Medical College is a distinguished college in Pakistan. IMC aims to provide top-notch medical education in all subjects. Affiliated with PMDC, it is playing a significant role in enhancing the healthcare system.

IMC is also one of the low merit medical colleges in Pakistan. Future medical graduates having 60% of FSC marks can apply here. However, the closing merit is much higher than that. But you can try your luck by submitting the application forms.

Closing merit of Indus Medical College Tando Muhammad Khan in 2023: 72.3%


For premedical students, pursuing an MBBS degree is a cherished goal. In some situations, high merit in government sectors poses challenges. Fortunately, the list of low merit medical colleges in Pakistan offers a great opportunity.

Review their closing merit lists of last year. Before applying, also check its annual fee structure. Make sure that the college is also offering an affordable fee structure.

If you have a high score on the MCAT and fail to get admission, count these colleges. You can still become a doctor without compromising on the high merit. Explore them, get admission, and begin your journey as a medical graduate.

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