South Korea Study Visa For Pakistan-Best Opportunity for Pakistanis

South Korea is a great place to study abroad for Pakistani students. Due to its rigorous education system, it has become a top choice for international students. More and more students want to get a South Korean study visa. Like other nations, South Korea’s study visa for Pakistanis is also open. To ease your search, we mention all the details to get a South Korea study visa for Pakistan. Here’s an ultimate visa guide for all Pakistani students who want to go abroad to study.

Study in South Korea for Pakistani Students

South Korea is known both as a traditional and modern country. Having traditional temples and a picturesque courtyard, it attracts visitors. Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is also a famous modern city in the world. Several students and visitors visit South Korea each year.

The country is also gaining attention due to its renowned institutes. Universities in South Korea also offer a wide variety of scholarships for Pakistani students. The South Korean government has also announced a government scholarship. That’s why, South Korea has become one of the favorite destinations for Pakistani students.

Benefits of South Korea Study Visa for Pakistan

International Standard Education

The majority of South Korean Universities are recognized internationally. They offer a wide variety of courses in a variety of fields. From doctorate to science & technology, it offers a range of courses.

Seoul National University is one of the internationally ranked universities. Few universities in South Korea are the best in the world. Therefore, you need to enroll in these universities to get a South Korea study visa for Pakistan.

Low tuition fee

The cost of study in South Korea is low as compared to other foreign countries. In the majority of universities, there are low tuition fees per course. For foreign students, some universities also provide a South Korea study visa for Pakistan. Some visas include a variety of scholarships with low tuition fees.

On average, for a master’s or bachelor’s, the cost starts from $1,000-1500$. Depending upon the course duration, it may reach 21,000$ per semester. This may sound cheap compared to European universities.

Part-time jobs

Except for tuition fees, Pakistani students have to pay for lifestyle expenses. To manage all the living and lifestyle expenses, students have to do off-campus jobs.

In South Korea study visa for Pakistan, you can also do a part-time job. As a Pakistani student, you can do a part-time job to support your study in South Korea.

Process of South Korean Study Visa for Pakistani Nationals

If you are planning to get a South Korean study visa, you should search for a university. Search for the university that is best suited to your education and profile. We have gathered a list of top universities in South Korea. Surely, this list will help you to narrow down your search.

Top universities in south Korea for Pakistani students

To get a South Korea study visa for Pakistan, you must know the top universities. Here is the list of top universities in South Korea.

  • Chonbuk university
  • Nameosal University
  • Seoul National University
  • Youngln university
  • Seojeong college
  • KAIST Korea Advanced institute of science and technology
  • Sungkyunkwan university
  • Pohang university of science and Technology (POSTECH)

Documents required for South Korea study visa

Before applying for a Korean study visa, you should know everything. One of the main things is the documents. Generally, you require the following documents to apply for a South Korean visa.

  • Application form

An application form was written by the student. You can find the application sample at the South Korean embassy’s website.

  • Passport

A passport is the first and foremost document that you require. Make sure that your passport will not expire within six months.

  • Academic Record

Candidates should have the academic record in an accurate format. Check the recommended format on the South Korean embassy’s website.

  • Fitness/healthcare certificate

A South Korea study visa for Pakistan also requires a fitness certificate. For this, you should provide the certificate of all your medical tests. The list of these tests is mentioned on the South Korean embassy’s website.

  • Financial Documents

Something is required to prove that you can afford the educational expenses in South Korea. These documents are termed as financial documents. Usually, it is in the form of a Bank statement or any other financial record.

  • Passport size photographs

One thing that is mandatory in any application is the photographs. For a South Korean study visa, you should provide passport-size photographs.

  • Admission confirmation letter

An admission confirmation letter from any South Korean university is also required. This letter confirms the candidate’s admission and eases the study visa process.

  • Sponsorship letter

Some South Korean institutes require a sponsorship letter. The sponsorship letter is not mandatory for a South Korea study visa for Pakistan. However, you have to provide it if it is required.

Step-by-step visa process for Pakistan

  1. Admission to South Korean university

In the very first step, you should get admitted into any South Korean university. Universities often have specific admission criteria. To get an admission letter, you should write an application. The application requires a

  • copy of your passport
  • Academic certificates
  • Financial records
  • Motivation letter

     2 ۔ Get an admission letter

Once you get admitted to a South Korean university, it is time to pay the tuition fee. After paying the university fee, you will get an admission letter from the university. When you receive this letter, you can apply for a South Korean study visa from pakistan.

    3 ۔ Apply for a Visa at the South Korean embassy

It’s time to apply for a visa at the South Korean embassy in Islamabad. Pakistani students should apply for type D visa application forms. Below are the contact number, address, and other details of the South Korean embassy.

Address: Diplomatic Enclave, sector G-5, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Telephone: (011 92 51)208-6000

(011 92 51)208-6900

Website: Click here

    4. Get a South Korea study visa for Pakistan

In Pakistan, it usually takes two weeks to a month to get your visa. Contact the embassy, if you have a short time. The visa delay occurs if there is any mistake by the applicant. In most cases, it usually takes two weeks.

Final Words

The South Korea study visa for Pakistan is subject to change from time to time by the Korean government. However, all the latest information is available on this page. Putting effort and getting an admission letter from Korean universities depends on you. Moreover, you can hire the best consultancy for the smooth South Korean visa process. Otherwise, the process is straightforward. Get your visa and get a chance to study in the world’s best south Korean universities.

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