Study in Hungary for Pakistani Students-Guide for 2023

Are you planning to study abroad? Then you must look for Hungary. Hungary is another best study abroad destination for Pakistani students. The Study in Hungary for Pakistani students offers a lot of benefits. More and more students travel towards Hungary. Most of these are from Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world. Want to know more? Then we are here to guide you on study in Hungary for Pakistani students. Let’s have a look at why you should choose Hungary for an international degree.

Study In Hungary For Pakistani students

Choosing a country to study abroad is very important. Before making a decision, you should know everything about the country. First of all, you should pick a country where English is spoken. For Pakistanis, English is the most suitable language to communicate. Secondly, you can access your home country’s consulate for any assistance.

Fortunately, Hungary fulfills these both conditions. Thus, it makes Hungary one of the best countries to study abroad for Pakistanis. Moreover, Hungry offers affordable tuition fees at public universities. Additionally, Hungary offers various scholarships for Pakistani students. In the following heading, you will get to know more about Hungary.

Reasons To Study in Hungary For Pakistani Students

Planning to study abroad in Hungary? Millions of students are going to Hungary. One of the great reasons is the public universities in Hungary. Almost all Hungarian universities have gained prominent positions in international rankings. Here are some other reasons why it might be best for you. consider them when choosing to study in Hungary For Pakistani students.

Scholarships For Pakistani Students

Scholarship is a great way to fund your international study. In this way, the Hungarian government also offers scholarships. The government offers 40 scholarships for international students. These scholarships allow students to get admission to Hungarian Universities.

Some of these scholarships require higher proficiency while others do not. To apply for these scholarships, you should consult with your consulate. They can guide better on these opportunities.

Following is the list of some top Hungarian scholarships.

  1. Hungarian Government Scholarship (Stipendium Hungaricum)
  2. CEEPUS Scholarship in Hungary
  3. Erasmus Mundus scholarship for international students.
  4. Hungarian Diaspora Scholarships
  5. Bilateral State Scholarship
  6. METU Academic Scholarship
  7. SZTE start scholarships for international students
  8. Central European University Scholarship
  9. University of Debrecen scholarship in Hungary
  10. The University of Pecs scholarships in Hungary

Minimum Tuition Fee

Minimum Tuition fee is Another reason to study in Hungary for Pakistani students. University tuition fees in Hungary are relatively low compared to other European countries. The countless public universities there offer low tuition fees. Pakistani students should choose public Hungarian universities for study.

scholarship is another option to study in Hungary for Pakistani students. There are scholarship programs available for international students. These funds will ease the students in terms of their tuition fees.

Living Expenses

Living expenses are another factor that eases the study in Hungary for Pakistani students. Hungry is not only an excellent place for students, but it is also one of the cheapest European countries. The average living cost for students in Hungary may be 370-700 EUR. This living cost depends on your lifestyle and type of accommodation.

Depending on your lifestyle, food costs can range between 115 to 150 EUR per month. Likewise, transportation costs are also lower as compared to other European countries. On average the living cost for students in Hungary is just $1,000.

Visa Process for Pakistani Students

The student visa is a main requirement to study in Hungary for Pakistani students. There are two types of Hungary visas. One is for 90 days and the other is for more than 90 days. Apply for a 90-day study visa if your study ends within this period. On the other hand, a more than 90-day visa is best for Pakistani students.

For visa applications, you should contact the Hungarian Embassy in Islamabad. Sometimes the Hungarian embassy does not issue student visas. In this situation, you should contact the nearest embassy or consulate. Besides this, you can also contact any Hungarian public university for a study visa. In some cases, they can help you to obtain a student visa.

Education opportunities

Endless educational opportunities are available for foreigners in Hungary. These opportunities offer professional study in Hungary for Pakistani students. Hungarian HEC is also one of the most recognizable institutes. With a lot of opportunities, it also offers various scholarships for foreign students. Therefore, studying in Hungary for Pakistani students will reward a successful life.

Visa Process for Hungarian Study Visa

In the first step, you should contact the Hungarian university, in which you want to study. Ask for the acceptance letter. After getting the acceptance letter, you should contact the consulate. Fix a meeting with the consulate 3 to 4 months before.

The visa processing takes almost a week to one month. This duration depends on the completion of your documents or interviews. To avoid delay, apply as early as you can.

Documents required

A Study in Hungary for Pakistani students requires the following documents. Prepare them and start applying for a Hungarian student visa.

  • A completely filled visa application form
  • Pakistani passport, which must be valid until the end of your study visa.
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Acceptance letter from any Hungarian public university or private university.
  • Receipt of tuition fee payment.
  • Copy of Airplane ticket.
  • Bank statement of the said amount from the last 6 months.
  • Set of Attested Degrees or educational documents.
  • Clearance certificate from the police department.
  • Motivation letter

Consult with the consulate or Hungarian embassy for the documents required. Note that the embassy receives only original documents by hand. So, it’s better to visit the embassy with all the original documents.

Study in Hungary without IELTS

A number of students asked if they study in Hungary without IELTS. The answer is yes! Hungary is One of the cheapest countries in Europe. It allows foreign students to study without IELTS. That makes it easy to study in Hungary For Pakistani students.

Also, Hungary allows international students to do jobs. For this, Budapest is the best city for students. The city is a great place for Pakistani students to study. There, students can find a job more easily.


For students looking to study abroad with a limited budget, you should consider Hungary. Unlike other European countries, Studying in Hungary is a great investment. Across the country, there are hundreds of universities that are offering programs in English.

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